How to dial 800 numbers in Mexico

Posted by Cameron Boyle & Angie Potter on November 26, 2007 – 10:38 am -

Ever tried to call a toll free 800 number from Mexico? If you have, you probably ended up frustrated. While Mexico offers nearly every expected convenience, most people do not know the secret to dialing 800 numbers from Mexico. Fortunately, there is a solution. Keep in mind that the calls are not free like they are in the US; you will be charged the usual international direct dial rate. However, if you need to cancel a credit card or change a flight it is convenient to have the option to call the standard US 800 number. To call the following toll free prefixes, dial as follows:

800 numbers Dial 001-880-then the number

866 numbers Dial 001-883-then the number

877 numbers Dial 001-882-then the number

888 numbers Dial 001-881-then the number

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Be WARNED. Dialing 800 numbers in Mexico is not toll free.

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